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One Accord
”Flying” (1999)

Schon mit seiner letzten Produktion "Heaven" traf der Jugendchor "One Accord" musikalisch den Puls der Zeit. Angesagte Musik steht auch jetzt wieder auf dem Programm: Dancefloor-Grooves, mitreißende Beats und wunderschöne Balladen zum Träumen und Abheben. Dazu gibts neue, griffige Songtexte, die in deutscher und englischer Sprache ausdrücken, was junge Leute bewegt.
Für die musikalische Qualität bürgen Arrangeur Florian Sitzmann, Solisten wie Danny Janz und Denise Lehmann und natürlich Produzent, Sänger und Songwriter Danny Plett!
Fazit: Ein Album, das Spaß macht, in die Beine geht und nicht zuletzt geistlich was rüberbringt.




For fans of the Backstreet Boys and 5ive, here's One Accord. This is an international youthchoir, based in Germany with a line-up including people like Danny Plett, the Janz-brothers and other great singers. Flying is the follow-up album of their 1997 debut Heaven. The production-helm was in hands of Danny Plett. One Accord brings mainly hiphop based grooves with good vocalizing. Danceable music. Three songs are more in the dance-vein and some are more in the praise-vein. Flying starts with Dance Like David which is a groovy track with lyrics to emphasize that it's okay to dance for God as a Christian. The title-track is an ambient dance-song with excellent vocals by Carmen Bode. This is a beautiful song. More uptempo and energetic is Shake It Up. One of the highlights on this album is Pray For Me, a groovy ballad which handles about praying for someone you love who doesn't believe, in hope she (in this case) will find the Way one day. It's sung really great by Michael Janz and Danny Plett. This album ends with Summertime which brings a big grin on my face. This is a Ricky Martin rip-off. And well-done too. You hear that Spanish instrumentation, a Spanish chorus and, like the title suggests, with a summerly feel. For the German fans all songs are translated in German and a few songs are even sung in German. One Accord tours every summer through Germany and Switzerland. It's time for them to look farther abroad. This is excellent music, modern, from first-class singers and a good producer. Highly recommending for fans of above mentioned acts. Available through Gerth Medien, see Links section.

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